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My plugins for Nagios

Last update : Oct 12 2007

Lastest updates :

I've set up a wiki for the FAQ and the nagios config so users can contribute :


Three scripts have been rewriten in C : check_snmp_int, check_snmp_process, check_snmp_storage
Have a look at the C plugin page

Nagios doc translation in french

About the scripts

The general idea of these scripts is to check as many things as possible with snmp : disks, memory, load, interface, running procsses, etc...

The other idea is to select (or exclude) disks, interfaces, process using regular expressions

- it is possible to test more than one disk/int/process in one Nagios check (ex : eth* instead of eth0,eth1,eth2,...)

- you only have to provide a unique part of the name to select a disk/int/process (ex : "^C:" instead of "C:\ Label: Serial Number xxxxxxx" makes it easy to use on multiple Windows hosts).

Most of these scripts can output performance data.

Perl plugins main page

Information on useful parts of mibs (currently MIB-2,Net-SNMP,Cisco,CheckPoint).

Configurations examples for Nagios with the scripts.


Get support, subscribe to mailing-list, etc..

Go to the perl plugins main page for more details and compatibility matrix
or here is a brief description of the scripts :

You can also download the all the plugins with install script : nagios-snmp-plugins.1.1.1.tgz

Script detail page Description performance
Supported platforms / snmp agents Download Version
Full C package

All the rewritten scripts in C :
check_snmp_int, check_snmp_process, check_snmp_storage

    nagios-plugins-snmp-0.6.0.tgz 0.6.0
Full perl package All the scripts with install script in a tgz file or in a rpm file for FC6.    



check_snmp_storage checks storages (disks, swap, memory, etc...) Yes All MIB-2 compliant  
check_snmp_int checks interface states, usage on hosts, switch, routers, etc.... Yes All MIB-2 compliant  
check_snmp_process checks if process are running, the number that are running, memory and cpu used. No All MIB-2 compliant  
check_snmp_load checks the load or the cpu of a machine Yes Linux, Windows, Cisco, AS400, HP Procurve, LinkProof, Blucoat, Nokia, Fortinet, Netscreen,HP-UX.  
check_snmp_vrrp checks the interface state of vrrp cluster No Nokia IP (VRRP & Clustering), LinkProof, Alteon  
check_snmp_cpfw checks Checkpoint Firewall-1 status Yes Checkpoint Firewall-1  
check_snmp_mem Checks memory and swap usage Yes Linux/Net-snmp, Cisco, HP Switch  
check_snmp_win Checks windows services No Windows  
check_snmp_css Checks css services state No CSS  
check_snmp_env Checks environemental status (fan, temp, power supply). No Cisco, Nokia, Bluecoat, IronPort, Foundry  
check_snmp_nsbox Checks nsbox vhost & diode status. No NetSecureOne Netbox  
check_snmp_boostedge Checks Boostedge services No Boostedge  
check_snmp_linkproof_nhr Checks linkproof NHR No Radware Linkproof  

Try <script> -h for help.
More information on the main plugin page

Get latest CVS versions : In case I told you so, or you want to see how the plugins will be in next version

To contact me :
You can use my X509 certificate signed by my Root certificate (sha1 of root cert : c2 55 0d 4b 45 c2 ca 86 0f a2 5c ee e4 91 0e 79 5f ed f9 5f)

Thanks to all of you for your small or big contributions, or simply your feedbacks :

Christoph Maser, Alexius Ludeman, John Vincent, Anti Andreimann, Matteo Contri, Sean Finney, Eric Poelke, Russel Adams, Vincent Carpentier, Kaya, Dimo Velev, Jan Jungmann, DonKiShoot, Makina Corpus.

And all the others I forgot !!

All code here is under GPL licence.

This project is hosted on : Logo

Nagios and the Nagios logo are registered trademarks of Ethan Galstad.